Artificial Intelligence Is Making Its Way Into Image Masking For Home Visualizations

WRE News March 23, 2023


Artificial Intelligence Is Making Its Way Into Image Masking For Home Visualizations

Houston-based immersive visualization technology service provider, Authenticus Inc., has announced the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities in its Selections Visualizer tool, which will help home DIY enthusiasts, real estate agents, and interior designers visualize home exterior and interior surfaces.

According to the company, the Selections Visualizer allows users to use photos or 3D rendering of the property as a base on which to apply textures based on real products, allowing them to preview a vast number of combinations of flooring, countertops, roofing, masonry, doors, cabinets, and other surfaces. The AI can also take a black-and-white elevation pic and be able to decipher where the different selections would need to go.

Prior to the integration of AI, the base photos or 3D renderings take between 24 to 48 hours to be masked and ready for preview, depending on the level of precision needed. With the addition of AI capabilities, Authenticus states they will be able to greatly speed up the masking of the base images, which will now take less than a minute. Manual masking will remain available, resulting in three tiers of price points to access the tool. The manual version includes more intricate details such as shadows and glare, so users can choose how photo-realistic they want that image to be.

According to Authenticus CEO Jay Schimpf, the Selections Visualizer can help home DIYers when undertaking remodeling projects, especially for bathrooms, kitchens, and exteriors. For example, the user can change the windows to different types or different looks and styles and pick from 35 different window manufacturers.

Real estate agents can use the Selections Visualizer to show their listing clients, or prospective buying clients, the various options for the property.

“Sometimes, a potential buyer can turn down a house because of certain minor factors, such as not liking the current paint color or the style of the countertops. That’s because they cannot visualize the house in its finishes and style. Our tool will provide perspective to buyers and help the agent land that deals,” Schimpf says, adding that interior designers can also use the tool to play around with various designs to see what works and what doesn’t.

“The main advantage of our Selections Visualizer is its availability and low cost. Unlike most other platforms, there’s no need to buy the software. It’s easy, quick, and user-friendly, with minimal learning time needed. We want to help people in visualizing their projects and bringing them into reality, which is the whole premise behind creating Authenticus,” Schimpf says.

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