Billionaire Daryl Katz Scoops Up Manhattan Condo for $36M

American Luxury Staff June 15, 2023


Billionaire Daryl Katz Scoops Up Manhattan Condo for $36M

In the last two years of the last decade, Edmonton Oilers owner Daryl Katz closed on two larger-than-life Los Angeles-area properties. This summer, Katz went shopping on the ‘other’ coast, and emerged with the keys to a 54th-floor condo.

The property Katz added to his portfolio is a residence located in a Manhattan high-rise condo: Robert A.M. Stern’s 2015 work in limestone, 220 Central Park South. The unit changed hands for $36 million in an off-market deal, according to The New York Post. Not quite the $238 million Ken Griffin paid for three floors’ worth of 220 CPS, but it tickled the real estate Richter anyway.

Katz’s West Coast property antics include forking over $120 million for a fully furnished Malibu contemporary with a sprawling footprint and, in the process, setting a record in 2018. In 2019, Spelling Manor, for which Katz paid Petra Ecclestone a shadow under $120 million; the absurdly large mansion — it has 120 rooms, plenty of space to hide in when ducking ennui — had asked as much as $200 million during its four years on and off the market.

Katz’s net worth is around $4.4 billion, according to Forbes.

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