'Family Guy' Takes Aim At Reverse Mortgages

WRE News October 27, 2023


'Family Guy' Takes Aim At Reverse Mortgages

The long-running animated television series “Family Guy” had fun with reverse mortgages in general and the American Advisors Group advertisements featuring Tom Selleck in particular on its latest episode that aired Sunday night on Fox.

In the episode, the perennially bumbling Peter Griffin is trying to figure out how to tame his financial problems when he views a television commercial where a well-known actor proposes a way to solve personal money woes.

“Hi, I’m Tom Selleck,” said a parody of the “Blue Bloods” star in the commercial. “Ask your nurse to turn down your breathing machine for a minute so I can tell you how a reverse mortgage from Hey Alright Reverse Mortgages – or HARM – can help you.”

Although being too young to qualify, Peter somehow manages to secure a reverse mortgage – but winds up with a possible foreclosure on his home due to hidden complexities in the “HARM” product.

Although “Family Guy” has recruited scores of notable celebrities as voice performers, Selleck did not participate in the episode. Instead, the show’s closing credits acknowledged another actor voiced Selleck while adding the real Selleck “continues to sell reverse mortgages to probably your grandparents.”

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