Meyers Manx Buggy Back With an Electric Soul

American Luxury Staff June 15, 2023


Meyers Manx Buggy Back With an Electric Soul

The Meyers Manx kit buggy is back for 2022 — in a refined and updated form, of course. The classic has been given a 21st-century treatment by Trousdale Ventures, a venture capital firm also invested in everything from coffee to crypto to virtual cloak-and-dagger: disinformation countermeasures.

The Manx 2.0 is one of the firm’s more recreational investment gestures. It features design from Freeman Thomas, who also ushered in the Beetle reboot. And although it doesn’t venture too far from its original, and can be categorized as full-blooded homage, there’s a lot of engineering hiding beneath the surface.

The new Manx 2.0 features an aluminum monocoque. Its EV powertrain includes two motors and up to 40 kWh of lithium-ion batteries for 202 horsepower and a range of up to 300 miles. Production is scheduled to begin next year.

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