Nets Star Ben Simmons Looking to Part With Slick L.A. Spread for $19.5M

Schoelerman Group February 27, 2023


Nets Star Ben Simmons Looking to Part With Slick L.A. Spread for $19.5M
After listing a condo in Philly in 2021 and selling a New Jersey mansion last year, NBA player and Nets team member Ben Simmons has re-hefted his trophy home in the Los Angeles area on the open market. The property appeared for sale in the spring of 2022 with an asking price of $23 million. Eight months later, the flashy 2021-built compound is back at $19.495 million.
With farmhouse, industrial and 1980s contemporary design elements, the house makes a powerful statement and will certainly appeal to the progressive-minded homebuyer looking at a low eight-figure lifestyle in the equestrian-friendly city of Hidden Hills. The property has seven bedrooms and eight baths to commend it, and 12,000 sq. ft. of interior living area. It is poised on 1.45 acres of secluded land.
Exterior design elements include cladding in reclaimed timber, glass walls, metal roofing and skylights. A long balcony with a smoked glass balustrade looks out over the backyard. Inside, the emphasis is placed on light, space and surface, particularly in the great room, which features a vaulted ceiling, catwalk, figured stone tile floor, and two soaring banks of floor-to-ceiling built-in shelving units. LED backlighting saturates the interiors with contemporary atmospherics.
Amenities across the property include a catering-ready kitchen, home theater, studio, full-sized bar, 65-foot pool, BBQ, patio, cabana, and detached guest house.

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