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Smart Technology to Help With Pool Cleaning

Mansion Global July 31, 2021


Smart Technology to Help With Pool Cleaning

Enjoy sparkling waters all summer long with these high-tech devices.

Is there a more cumbersome seasonal task for homeowners than pool cleaning? Why not offload this onerous chore to some automated technology.

Below, some high-tech gadgets that will allow you to enjoy all the benefits of pool ownership and none of the necessary dirty work.





When you purchased your pool, you, perhaps unwittingly, signed up for a new profession—chemist. Chlorine levels, pH balance, alkalinity, calcium hardness—it’s a lot to maintain when all you is want is a refreshing dip. Fortunately, pHin eliminates the guesswork (and math). Simply drop the smart device in your pool and it will decipher the water’s current chemistry, sending a notification directly to your smartphone about what chemicals to buy and how much to add, reducing your work to a simple hand motion.

pHin is available for $349.



Dreading the back-breaking work of pool wall and floor scrubbing? Enlist the help of this brainy, little buggy. The Polaris Alpha IQ+ is a wall-climbing, Wi-Fi-equipped, waterproof wonder that traverses the entirety of your pool, dispensing a deep clean on all the highly trafficked surfaces. And the clever cleaner is replete with smart features, too. Not only can users control the device entirely from their smartphone—even programming reoccurring cleaning schedules—but the IQ+ also exhibits intelligent behavior as soon as it gets underwater, using sensors to map out your pool and devise the optimal cleaning pattern.

The Polaris Alpha IQ+ is available for $1,660.

Skimmer Motion



The profession of “pool boy” may be in danger thanks to SkimmerMotion. Featuring no moving parts, requiring no batteries and working with your existing suction vacuum, this clever contraption continually traverses the surface of your pool, removing any floating debris it comes into contact with.

The SkimmerMotion is available for $99.

AIPURY1500 Cordless Pool Cleaner


Aiper Smart

Cutting the cord isn’t just for cable TV. The AIPURY1500 is an automated pool cleaning robot that ditches the tether to do its work. Simply turn on the AIPURY1500 and drop it in your pool, and the intelligent automaton will get to work, mapping the most efficient path for pool cleaning and setting about scrubbing all types of heavy dirt and debris from your in-ground pool’s floors and walls, as well as waterline. And when the AIPURY1500 recognizes that it is running out of juice, the cleaner will bring itself back to the surface so it can be returned to its charging dock.

The AIPURY1500 is available for $1,099.

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