Tech Trends: Is Your Scheduling Automated? If Not, You're Wasting Time

WRE News January 10, 2024


Tech Trends: Is Your Scheduling Automated? If Not, You're Wasting Time

Tech Trends: The old saying “time is money” is so true. Today’s real estate professionals can’t manage their schedule on a piece of paper effectively. In this case, technology is essential. As you look at the right tool to get this done, here are two tools that warrant your attention.

First, ShowingTime ( is used by over 950,000 agents. What is it? It offers A responsive experience that will automate the way showings are scheduled. The tool allows the agent to quickly schedule and confirm showings. Each of its fully integrated scheduling options, including its 24/7 personalized showing service, streamline the showing process for agents, teams, offices and MLSs/associations.

The tools are designed for the tech-savvy agent. The tasks that agents complete from their desktop can also be completed while the agent is away from the office by using the ShowingTime mobile app. The application also provides better customer service. All ShowingTime products and services enable listing agents and offices to work faster, smarter and provide exceptional customer service to their clients.

Also, its Offer Manager feature removes any ambiguity from submitting offers, making sure the offer is delivered by email, text and app notification and notifies the agent as soon as it’s opened. Offers are automatically organized by listing and accessible 24/7 on mobile and desktop. Listing agents and teams can customize offer delivery and handle multiple offers with ease.

You also might want to look at Calendly ( The agent connects their calendar and Calendly will help the agent create scheduling links and booking pages based on the agent’s availability. Agents can share their Calendly link with others so people can book time with the agent in one click. Booking links can be based on different event types – from 15-minute Zoom calls to 30-minute in-person meetings – and rules. Include other members of the team, route the meeting to the right people on the team, and collaborate around scheduling requirements.

Workflows and integrations connect Calendly to the agent’s process and other tools. The application sends reminders, follow-ups, and connects to the agent’s CRM, video conferencing, and even billing platforms. With Calendly commonly used to power meetings with prospects, customers, recruits and more, it’s ideal to power scheduling for the whole company with meeting analytics, and enterprise-ready admin, security, and IT-oriented features.

According to the company, the ROI is such that the technology books high-value meetings in seconds and turns scheduling into a competitive advantage; removes scheduling friction at every stage of the sales cycle; and it includes customized reminder and follow-up workflows to move deals along, integrate with sales tools, and remove logistical tasks to focus on selling.

Regardless of which tool or tools you turn to, automating scheduling has to happen. It’s impossible to keep up with everything without this valuable technology in your arsenal. Further, the best scheduling technology will integrate seamlessly with your other applications. So, look for technology that plays well with others. Technology should never hinder other business functions; it should be a helper.

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