The Best Month And Day To Sell A Home Is...

WRE News May 5, 2024


The Best Month And Day To Sell A Home Is...

A new data analysis by ATTOM of home sales over the past 13 years has concluded that sellers can snag the highest premiums if they put their properties on the market in May, February and April.

ATTOM number-crunched 59 million single-family home and condo sales from 2011 to 2023 to reach this conclusion, noting the greatest seller premiums were generated in May (13.1%); February (12.8%); April (12.5%); June (12.4%) and March (12.2%).

As for the rest of the year, lower premiums occurred in January (10.6%); August (10.3%); December (10.0%); July (10.0%); November (9.5%); September (9.5%), and October (8.8%).

ATTOM also considered the best days to sell a home and determined the top 20 days fell in the months of May, February, March, and June. May 27 was considered the best day to sell a home, with a seller premium of 16.2%, followed by Feb. 25 (15.9%); Feb. 17 (15.8%); Feb. 15 (15.7%) and Feb. 22 (15.5%).

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