The City With The Biggest Yards Is...

WRE News January 20, 2024


The City With The Biggest Yards Is...

A nice big yard can be a great selling point for a home, but in some markets that feature can be an elusive amenity.

The newly published study “2024’s Cities with the Biggest Yards” by LawnStarter number crunched data from the Federal Housing Finance Agency that measured the average yard sizes for single-family homes in the nation’s 2,000 biggest cities. The result: only the top 150 cities in the new ranking had lawns that were larger than the national average of half an acre.

Not surprisingly, the smaller cities had the most yard space – all of the top 10 cities on the list had populations below 50,000. The top five cities for big lawns were Carney, Maryland; Linton Hall, Virginia; Mequon, Wisconsin; Caledonia, Wisconsin; and Fallbrook, California. Carney and Linton Hall were the only cities among the 2,000 where the average yard size was over 1 acre.

On the flip side, the cities with the fewest big yards were Hoboken, New Jersey; Union City, New Jersey; San Francisco; West New York, New Jersey; and Camden, Florida. The average yard size among the bottom 97 cities was less than 0.1 acres.

North Carolina and Texas tied with the most cities in the top 150 at 15 each, while most cities in Southern states including Arkansas, Georgia, and Tennessee finished in the top half of the new ranking.

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