These 4 Strategies Will Help You Develop A Billion-Dollar Mindset

Inman May 9, 2023


These 4 Strategies Will Help You Develop A Billion-Dollar Mindset

Success requires a combination of factors, many of which virtually nobody talks about. It requires systems. It requires people. And it requires work — hard work even. But you likely already know about that. A lot of people talk about that.

What few people talk about, however, is that success also requires knowing yourself and finding and nurturing your inner fire. You need to dig deep into your heart to understand what you really want in life and what pieces of the puzzle you are uniquely qualified to perform. And you need to consistently strengthen your mindset because the biggest obstacle you will face is the one between your ears.

I started in this business at the bottom of the market in 2009 with just one listing. Fast forward to 2021-2022, and I sold more than $920 million and earned more than $25,000 a day in gross commissions. I did so by working hard and having a great team — but I also had the right mindset.

So, how can you develop your “billion-dollar mindset?” Decide what type of agent you want to be, and then use that as a filter for everything you do, even when nobody is watching — make it your way of life. Here are four things to practice, every single day:

Start the day as the agent you want to be from the moment you roll out of bed

Don’t wake up and complain about all the work you have to do. Tell yourself you’re going to do what it takes to be great today, act like the top agents act, think like top agents think, work smarter than your competition so you can achieve more in less time, and push through the obstacles and challenges the day brings.

Act like the most prepared, organized and proactive agent

The unexpected happens, but the better prepared and organized you are, the more confident you’ll be. Know where you’re going, map out how long it will take you to arrive at each appointment, and leave time for traffic. Have your professional packet ready, and the materials you’ll need separated out by client so that you don’t have to scramble.

Look the part of the professional

Think about how you look to a potential client, from every angle. Your car is clean and organized and not blocking any cars in their driveway. You ring their doorbell right on time, and they open the door to a well-dressed agent with a bright smile and firm handshake.

You walk in with integrity and impress them with the proactive research you’ve done and resources you present. You leave with the listing, as usual.

Dream like the agent you want to become

Avoid the danger of dreaming too small. Try this exercise: Cast your vision for the business and life you want, like it’s the final scene of the movie about your life, and you get to write it. What ending would you want to see before you walk out of the theater?

Don’t just think one step ahead; if you’re selling $1 million in real estate, don’t limit the dream at $5 million or $10 million. Aim big, $100 million or $250 million, as if anything is possible. Use that vision to keep you moving forward toward it, no matter what obstacles you face.

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