Top Futuristic Home Features Buyers Are Looking For In 2023

Inman August 22, 2023


Top Futuristic Home Features Buyers Are Looking For In 2023

We’re in an era where cutting-edge intelligent home features and functions are demanded by many luxury property buyers.

But with the proliferation of these systems and solutions, what sorts of features can still be considered properly futuristic? And more significantly, which ones have the potential to add perennial value to a home, as opposed to novelties that could be obsolete with the next software update?

Here are three trends and features that my colleagues and I are paying careful attention to as new residences are designed and built here in our Raleigh, North Carolina luxury market.


1. Climate control for maximum comfort

Sheri Hagerty – Hodge & Kittrell Sotheby’s International Realty

Like many luxury real estate professionals, I’ve been noticing an increasing number of homes where appliances and maintenance systems are wirelessly connected and integrated with a variety of app or voice-activated controls.

In terms of casual convenience, there are obvious advantages to this — but I believe these technologies hold the biggest benefits for luxury homeowners with multiple properties. Beyond simply turning on lights or speakers with a simple button or command, today’s smart sensors can notify residents when there’s an anomaly, such as a power surge or a leaky pipe, and provide a vital prompt to contact relevant repair services.

Advanced systems can help keep landscapes and gardens looking their best when homeowners are away. Intelligent irrigation allows residents to start their smart sprinklers anytime, anywhere, when sensors gauge that watering is necessary. 


3. Self-sufficiency and sustainability

Kerry Oman and Erin Eldredge – Summit Sotheby’s International Realty

Architects and builders are paying increased attention to eco-friendly features and technologies such as solar panels and rainwater systems. I’m interested in watching how this trend continues to evolve in the near future.

For example, backup battery storage is more practical and accessible than ever before, allowing homes to go green — and off-grid — in ways that were once too expensive or too niche, even for luxury homeowners.

Another compelling possibility emerging on the horizon is the concept of “water independence,” where wastewater, gray water, and rainwater can be purified and recycled to cover all a property’s water-related needs.


The implications of AI for luxury homes

Joseph Hodge – Hodge & Kittrell Sotheby’s International Realty

Everyone is talking about AI these days, and it is certain to continue to impact luxury home features in multiple ways. With the widespread adoption and deployment of intelligent, conversant, and self-learning technologies, there’s further potential for automation to be built into the property itself, freeing homeowners from controlling everything via a phone.

My advice to agents and their sellers is to promote their current home automation in their listings — simplicity, convenience, and innovation will appeal to a lot of prospective buyers. But it is important to keep in mind that affluent buyers are often more than happy to choose their own solutions, and unimpressed if they have to uninstall technologies they don’t want to use.

What matters most is that the home is well-connected and has the capacity to support futuristic new features as they continue to emerge and evolve.

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