Top Tips for Decorating With Textured Wallpaper

Mansion Global September 26, 2020


Top Tips for Decorating With Textured Wallpaper

When it comes to dressing your walls, there’s paint, there’s wallpaper and then there’s textured wallpaper. It’s an extra layer that creates more interest and adds a sense of depth in any space by way of a tactile touch.

Picking the right iteration for your room takes a little know-how.


Paper Every Wall

Textured wallpaper works fabulously for any room. The textured element blends in well with all color palettes and can work with the most subtle and soft color palette to bold and bright looks.

Textured wallpaper can be used in the same applications as non-textured wallpaper. A current trend is to use wallpaper on all walls in a room in addition to a single accent wall. Grasscloth is a great example of textured wallpapers.

Let the Look of the Room Be your Guide


Textured wallcoverings can add another layer of depth to the walls and ceilings of a space.

There are so many different options for textured wallcoverings on the market today. Grasscloth is available in any color under the sun, even some with metallic woven through it, and patterns can be printed on it as well. Silk, linen and leather can all be sold as wallcovering for a unique texture.

Textured wallpaper can be used in any room like in the backs of open kitchen cabinets, in a formal powder room, or faux alligator vinyl in the backs of bookshelves in a library for a comfortable feel.


Mimic Real Materials

Textures will work in any room depending upon desired effect. While architectural reproductions become specific to spaces, such as brick in a kitchen or stone around a fireplace, general woven or plaster will wrap walls in warmth and are used as an anchoring layer for building a feeling of hygge. In monochromatic spaces, a textural mix of products lends interest and a richness of layers.

Most textures come in palettes of neutrals and designer shades to fit a wide variety of needs. One rule of thumb is to make sure that architectural replications are as literal in color to actual products as possible; such as wood-grain textures, which replicate real wood products and stains.

A full room wall wrap is often used to add dimensionality without a huge commitment to a specific pattern. It sets a mood and enhances accessories as a support piece within a larger schematic. Accent walls are an enhancement built for impact, such as a mural in a dining room or a single brick wall to announce an association to industrial loft spaces.

Much like paint, it is best to see your choices in the space. You can do this by using a room visualizer or by ordering a sample. This will give you a look at how the sample reacts to the light in the space throughout the day and with lighting choices, as well as give you an understanding of the pattern’s scale.

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