10 Things Gardeners And Interior Designers Would Never Have In Their Outdoor Spaces

Business Insider May 8, 2024


10 Things Gardeners And Interior Designers Would Never Have In Their Outdoor Spaces

Outdoor space is a luxury. For those lucky enough to have a private yard, patio, or balcony, it can significantly increase your home's curb appeal and resale value — if you style it properly.

Business Insider asked interior designers and gardeners what features, items, and trends they'd never have in their own outdoor spaces.

Here's what they said.


Synthetic turf isn’t worth it.

Artificial grass lawn turf with wooden edging in the front yard of a modern Australian home or residential house.

Turf may seem appealing for a year-round green lawn. But Lara Hermanson, a licensed landscape contractor and the principal and cofounder of Farmscape, recommends a more sustainable and natural approach to outdoor design.

"Synthetic turf grass might look like real grass but will ultimately end up in the landfill," she told BI.

The expert also said turf can trap heat in your yard and still requires extra maintenance to keep it clean, especially if you have pets.

Over-paving your yard interferes with soil moisture.

Beautiful wooden back porch with chairs on the hill and large backyard patio with fire pit and pine trees.

Hermanson said she avoids continuous paving in outdoor spaces because it prevents soil from obtaining moisture and causes high heat.

"When we receive precious rain, it's important that the water makes it into our soil for long-term storage," she told BI. "Lots of hard, reflective surfaces heat the local environment, making it virtually uninhabitable during the daytime in summer months."

Plastic flamingos lack natural appeal.

two pink plastic flamingo lawn ornaments on a yard with a wooden fence

According to Alice Moszczynski, an interior designer at Planner 5D, plastic flamingos can diminish the natural beauty of your outdoor space.

"Plastic flamingos may have a kitschy charm, but they often lack the elegance and natural appeal desired in outdoor spaces," she told BI.

Invasive plant species cause too much disruption.

invasive japanese knotweed plant growing in someone's backyard

Moszczynski wouldn't introduce invasive plant species — like buckthorn, garlic mustard, or Japanese knotweed — into her outdoor space.

"As a responsible gardener, it's crucial to avoid planting species that can harm the environment and native wildlife," she told BI.

Moszczynski recommends contacting local garden centers to learn more about what plants work best in your area.

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