13 Essential Features Of A Luxury Home

RISMEDIA August 14, 2023


13 Essential Features Of A Luxury Home

While architectural and design trends may fluctuate, we firmly support the concept of healthy homes and neighborhoods. We also believe that luxury is not only a housing trend but also a mindset. So, what are the essential features that define a modern luxury home?

It goes far beyond the traditional saying of “location, location, location!”

We have identified 13 luxury features that we consider nearly indispensable for a luxury home in today’s market. We value your opinion on our list.


Outdoor living spaces: Quality outdoor spaces are as unique as exclusive vacation resorts. Think about the contrasting appeal of Disneyland and a serene beach on Grand Cayman! A luxury home’s grounds can be customized to suit specific family interests, but certain features are common to all high-end properties: impeccably designed and maintained landscaping and amenities that support a specific lifestyle. While outdoor kitchens and pools are currently popular, remember that they may be unnecessary if you don’t frequently swim or entertain. The details are up to you, but well-planned outdoor spaces that offer both privacy and entertainment top our list, and let’s not forget the importance of “curb appeal.”


Unique, high-end finishes: Emphasize organic materials, natural finishes, and renewable resources. These will always remain timeless. Explore emerging trends such as biophilic design and view a home as a multifaceted opportunity to showcase your individual interests and lifestyle.


Spa-style bathrooms: Current luxury bathroom favorites include oversized curbless showers, multiple shower heads with adjustable LED lighting, aromatherapy features, and built-in steam units or saunas. Jetted tubs are somewhat outdated; freestanding soaking tubs placed in front of a window have more appeal today.


Fitness facilities: Whether you choose a dedicated yoga and meditation room, a fully equipped gym with state-of-the-art fitness machines, or a dance studio, capitalize on the growing emphasis on personal fitness. Consider including a mini-kitchen with a juice bar and an under-counter fridge for ultimate convenience. Adding an après-workout lounger or a massage table can enhance the overall appeal.


Smart-home technology: No explanation is needed for this one. Why would you want to miss out on the latest technological advancements that connect us with friends, family, and the outside world? Technology enriches our lives, broadens our knowledge, and simplifies numerous aspects of life. And despite what its critics may say, those devices still have “off buttons.”


Gourmet kitchen: Kitchens were once considered the “heart of the home.” Today, they remain popular gathering spots, but their functionality has expanded in numerous ways. The modern kitchen should be fully equipped with time- and labor-saving appliances, feature the best in contemporary lighting, and offer a combination of functionality, efficiency, beauty, and ease of maintenance.


Home bar: Whether you envision a replica of your favorite Irish pub or a simpler setup, a home bar has become a “must-have” in a luxury home. Assess your needs and preferences. If alcoholic beverages aren’t your style, consider a coffee and tea bar or an ice cream and soda bar that will surely delight “kids” of all ages!


Wine cellar: Upscale homes today inevitably include storage for beloved vintages. If you have an extensive collection that requires a dedicated temperature-controlled room, it would be wise to seek professional planning assistance. If you only need space for a few special bottles, a conveniently located dark closet near your designated wine-drinking area will suffice. Contemporary wine storage towers can be integrated into a kitchen, den, or bar area. It all depends on your habits, needs, and preferences.


Home theater or multi-media room: The popularity of movie screening rooms may have diminished slightly over the past decade, but who can deny the fun of family screen time complete with comfortable seating, popcorn, pizza, and soft drinks? Luxury homes invariably boast rooms where you can escape from reality, whatever that means to you.


Fully-equipped home office: The pandemic brought many of us home, literally, but it also made us realize that working from home can be fulfilling and enjoyable. Today, as more and more of us are “telecommuting,” it’s almost imperative to have a home office. A desk in a corner of the bedroom or a laptop on the kitchen table just won’t suffice.


A grand master bedroom: A home’s primary suite should be a world unto itself. Popular amenities include a fireplace, access to the outdoors–a private garden, a hot tub, or the pool deck, bookshelves and a writing desk, a reading area with comfortable seating, and perhaps a wet bar, mini-kitchen, or snack center/coffee bar. Personalized creature comforts are vital.


Walk-In closets: Believe the old adage, that you can never have too many closets. Walk-in closets in every bedroom are the ultimate luxury, along with a room-size storage room for out-of-season clothing, art that you can rotate, holiday decorations are travel, and sporting gear.


Dedicated guest quarters: There is nothing appealing about a sleep sofa, so a luxury home will always have a dedicated guest room. Nothing more needs to be said!

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