5 Luxury Watches For Travel Lovers

Forbes May 30, 2024

5 Luxury Watches For Travel Lovers

For the luxury traveler, crossing time zones is as routine as crossing the street. However, the demands of frequent travel call for more than just a functional timepiece; they require a watch that combines practicality with prestige, durability, and undeniable style—a true travel companion that reflects both the status and the lifestyle of its wearer. Whether navigating bustling city streets or escaping to secluded paradises, the ideal watch from their collection not only keeps pace with its owner's travels but also adds a layer of pleasure to the journey.

That's why Wrist Aficionado, a luxury timepiece seller with boutiques in New York City, Miami Beach, and Beverly Hills, has a selection of timepieces carefully handpicked to meet and anticipate the needs of discerning clients who travel often. So, here are their five top picks for luxury watches for those who live their lives on the go.

1. Patek Philippe Aquanaut 5164R Tiffany & Co. Dial

Patek Philippe 5164R tiffany_02

For the traveler who cherishes exclusivity and functionality, the Patek Philippe Aquanaut 5164R with the Tiffany & Co. dial is a masterpiece. Its dual time zone feature is perfect for keeping track of local and home time, essential for maintaining connections while abroad. The rare Tiffany stamp not only enhances its value but also adds an air of exclusivity, making it a splendid accessory for any globetrotter who wants to stand out in any part of the world. Price $339,000.

2. Patek Philippe 5930G World Time

Philippe Complications 5930G-001_02

Navigating through multiple time zones can be daunting, but not with the Patek Philippe 5930G World Time on your wrist. This watch displays 24 time zones simultaneously, making it a powerhouse for those operating globally. Its ease of use allows for swift time zone adjustments, which is indispensable for the frequent flyer attending meetings in different cities or continents. Its elegant design ensures that it's not just a tool but a sophisticated statement piece that complements the wardrobe of any well-traveled individual. Price $67,000.

3. Patek Philippe 5524G Calatrava Pilot

2023-12-13_Patek Philippe 5924G-010_creatrive wrist

Inspired by the adventurers of the skies, the Patek Philippe 5524G Calatrava Pilot is ideal for those who appreciate a touch of historical allure alongside modern utility. The dual time zone functionality is tailored for travelers, offering clarity and ease of access which are vital when hopping from one timezone to another. Its robust yet refined aesthetic speaks to those with a penchant for classic styles, making it a timeless companion for any journey. Price $78,000.

4. Rolex GMT Master II Pepsi 126719BLRO with Meteorite Dial

Rolex GMT Master II White gold Meteorite 126719BLRO_02

The Rolex GMT Master II is an icon in the realm of travel watches, and the Meteorite Dial edition adds an extraordinary twist. Featuring a dial crafted from an actual meteorite, each piece is as unique as the travels it accompanies. Its ability to track multiple time zones is clad in vibrant colors represented by the "Pepsi" bezel, making it both a practical tool and a striking accessory. It's designed for the traveler who doesn't just move across the globe but does so with a flair for the dramatic. Price $59,000.

5. Rolex Sky-Dweller 326935

Luxury Rolex

The Rolex Sky-Dweller stands out as a marvel of watch engineering, perfect for the tech-forward traveler. With its innovative rotating bezel, travelers can effortlessly switch between local and home time, check the date, and even manage a monthly calendar—all features that cater to the needs of those constantly on the move. It blends complexity with Rolex's classic elegance, ensuring that its wearer is always prepared and punctual, no matter where their travels take them. Price $52,250.

For the globetrotters among us, these watches are far more than just timekeepers. They're vital companions for your travels, blending reliability with luxury to make every glance at your wrist a reminder of the endless adventures that lie ahead.

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