5 New Interior Design Trends Sought By The Next Generation Of Homeowners

Mens Journal Pursuits Style May 14, 2024


5 New Interior Design Trends Sought By The Next Generation Of Homeowners

Goodbye modern farmhouse and ultra minimalism. These five new approaches to interior design are trending with the next generation of homebuyers. "As younger generations near their home buying years, we're seeking new and creative ways to reach them and begin building brand affinity early on," said Taylor Morrison Chief Marketing and Communications Officer Stephanie McCarty. One way the developers cater to new architectural and design trends is by activating new floor plan elements such as offset alignment of the front and back doors, optimized staircase placement, and front doors that face away from the street. In other ways, they're preparing indoor spaces with architectural elements like plaster details, popular tiles, and a depth of natural materials.

To identify predictions for design elements indoors and out, Taylor Morrison, one of the nation's leading homebuilders and developers leveraged insights from designers and architectural experts and tracked the evolution of interior design by way of hashtags like #aesthetic and #core.

Dark Academia

"[Think traditional academia,] but with a Gothic twist," notes McCarty. Homes channeling academia always embody a cozy and inviting atmosphere, but this approach using dark tones and rich wood finishes helps to further evoke a sense of intellectual comfort and a scholarly ambiance. The aesthetic incorporates:

  • A rich and moody color palette
  • Rich, dark wood tones
  • Plush textures and patterns
  • Statement pieces
  • Intricate plaster details evoke a sense of intellectual comfort and a scholarly ambiance
Coastal Grandma

Like most coastal themes, this trending aesthetic captures the feeling of living in an oceanfront escape. Unlike former coastal trends, Coastal Grandma uses more of the floral and botanical prints you might associate with your grandparents' home, while making it modern with refreshing linen upholstery and treatments, contemporary wood and rattan furnishings, and an assortment of colors in muted, earthy tones. And yes, you might see a few vintage pieces from Grandma's own collection.

Five alabaster ceiling pendant lights hang over a modern living room sofa.

Dopamine Design

We liken the dopamine design aesthetic to traditional "maximalism," wherein a homeowner uses the space to celebrate self-expression and personal style in home decor. Yes, it's sort of the opposite of quiet luxury, but many buyers are determined to create their own, unique space.

"It's a whimsical and imaginative approach," agrees McCarty. "It encourages homeowners to boldly express their personal tastes and creativity throughout their living spaces. This design style is all about embracing uniqueness and self-indulgence in modern interior design. Bright colors? Sure! Bold colors? Yes. Geometric patterns? Live it up.


Have you picked up on the emphasis given to natural materials? The Southwestern interior design aesthetic embodies the American West in a spirited way. With an abundance of rustic finishes and desire to create a very, very cozy space, the aesthetic works to celebrate the rugged beauty and culture of the Southwestern United States.

  • Rich textures
  • Earthy color palette to establish a connection to nature.
  • Natural elements and materials
  • An overall cozy ambiance

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