5 Ways to make Fathers Happy

Syeda Aliza Naqvi for Thrive Global June 20, 2020


5 Ways to make Fathers Happy

Here are Five ways to make your father happy:

  1. Remember dates important to him: It is a nice gesture to know and remember dates that are important to your father. These dates could be special memories of his childhood, birthdays, anniversaries, or those related to your mother.  It will be very touching and moving to your father if you make the effort to remember these occasions.
  2. Make him feel special:  Special days such as a birthday, anniversary, and Father’s Day are good occasions to celebrate your love for your father and the bond you share with him. Give him a gif that he has always wanted whether it’s a board game, concert tickets, handmade woolens, or even just writing him a poem. Giving him a nice card on his birthday as a token of your love and respect for him would definitely make your dad happy. It would also be a nice idea to send him an e-card or a personalized gift on Father’s Day.
  3. Shop for him: Do him a favor, make some time for him and do his shopping. Get him to create a list with the items he needs. Or, you could get together with your mother or sibling, make a secret list, and surprise him.
  4. Help or share his duties: If you look closely, your father is probably caught up in his professional and personal duties. Though there isn’t much you can do to help him with his official duties, you can always share his personal responsibilities. You can take care of the things your mom generally depends on him for, for example, shopping for groceries, paying bills, and so on.
  5. Share your life with him: Your father might be an extremely busy man, or he may be reserved and silent. But one thing that he always cherishes deep down is spending time with you, in whatever way he can. So, to make your dad happy, share some moments of your life with him. Share your daily activities, new hobbies, new friends, and details of your life with him. Express your wishes, and make him familiar with your goals and dreams. After all, no one can be a better friend than your dad.

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