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Adria Supersonic Turns Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Into Stylish Motorhome

American Luxury Staff June 15, 2023


Adria Supersonic Turns Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Into Stylish Motorhome

Slovenian Mercedes-Benz Sprinter conversion specialist Adria Mobil has been building motorhomes for about 30 years, and you might say that its newest flagship model, the Supersonic, represents the culmination of the interim decades.

A cursory look leaves the uninitiated wondering where the Sprinter went—the company’s other models, for example the Twin Sports or the Coral, don’t stray far from the form of the foundation. The Supersonic is a complete rebuild.

The model comes in four layouts, with the longest version coming in at a whisker under thirty feet. This is a full-sized RV. The design is contemporary European, however, and sustainability is heavily favored in the build philosophy.

The sensibilities behind the vehicle’s living style borrow from nautical and present-tense architectural and interior design fashions and principles. Regardless, even a cursory glance reveals a cabin feel founded on light and space; the interior of the Supersonic is remarkably open. Configuration options include a face-to-face dinette with a double sofa.

More pragmatic features of the build include the two-floor design, which allows utility necessities to be discreetly squirreled away, and also provides space for insulation and storage. The Supersonic has a 150-liter water reservoir, and water remaining and other vital information is easily accessed via the RV’s companion Mach and Mach Plus apps.

A Supersonic comes with a base sticker of about $142,000. Excluding awning.

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