Are You Utilizing Cash Offers?

Inman August 17, 2023


Are You Utilizing Cash Offers?

In today’s dynamic real estate market, sellers are seeking more efficient and hassle-free ways to sell their homes. They want more choice, options, and control over how and when they sell.

You can help your clients gain that control – and earn a 3 percent agent referral fee in the process – by presenting them with the choice of listing together with a competitive cash offer option from Offerpad.

Through our Agent Partnership Program, nearly 130,000 agents have added a cash offer from Offerpad to their sales toolkit as an effective strategy to help ensure the best possible outcome for clients. While a traditional listing is still the default for most sellers, cash offers from Offerpad have emerged as a compelling way for homeowners to sell quickly without the inconvenience and complexities of a typical home sale.

By working with Offerpad, agents can help manage client expectations and save time by presenting a cash option to their client along with other seller benefits such as:

  • Certainty and peace of mind with a cash offer
  • No showings or open houses
  • Choice of the closing date
  • Ability to stay at home for up to three days after closing
  • A free local move*

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