Bay Area Cabin Where Charles M. Schulz Drew 'Peanuts' Listed at $4 Million

WRE News June 29, 2023


Bay Area Cabin Where Charles M. Schulz Drew 'Peanuts' Listed at $4 Million

The California cabin that was once the home and studio of “Peanuts” cartoonist Charles M. Schulz has been listed for sale at $4 million.

Located in the Bay Area city of Sebastopol, the residence has one bedroom, one-and-a-half bathrooms and a two-car garage. The 8.86-acre property also a four-hole golf course, a fishpond, trails and Redwood groves. An adjacent and vacant 1.54-acre parcel is also part of the listing.

The property was part of a 27-acre estate that Schulz commissioned in the 1960s and dubbed “Coffee Grounds.” The estate was divided into three parcels in 1971, with Schulz donating one of the parcels to a church.

This is the first time the property will have changed hands since 1976, although it has been briefly listed on Airbnb for short-term visitors.

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