Feast Your Eyes on Mission X: Porsche Teases New Electric Supercar

Coldwell Banker June 28, 2023


Feast Your Eyes on Mission X:  Porsche Teases New Electric Supercar

Is an electric Porsche supercar coming to market? The unveiling of Mission X during the “75 Years of Porsche Sports Cars” exhibition at the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen this month and the German marque’s subsequent tease about what the car would strive for should it “go into series production…” have Porsche lovers and e-car enthusiasts feeling, well, charged up.

For now, Mission X is strictly a concept car, or what Porsche calls both a “design study” and a “spectacular, conceptual reinterpretation of a hypercar.” It’s also one that picks up where iconic Porsche automobiles like the 959, the Carrera GT, and the 918 Spyder left off, said Oliver Blume, Chairman of the Executive Board of Porsche AG. “Daring to dream and dream cars are two sides of the same coin for us: Porsche has only remained Porsche by constantly changing.”

From a performance standpoint, those goals Porsche has set for a market-ready Mission X include besting the Mercedes-AMG One as the fastest road-legal vehicle around the Nürburgring Nordschleife and charging twice as fast as the Taycan Turbo S. The low-slung two-seater boasts an ultra-high-performance electric powertrain and 20-inch wheels in the front and 21-inch in the back for increased aerodynamics, and its 900-volt battery is located just behind the seats, creating an “e-core layout” for balance.

Photo courtesy of Porsche


Mission X’s most prominent design features are the Le Mans-style doors that open upwards to the front of the car, allowing the glass dome extending over both seats an astounding view of the sky and surrounding landscape. Motorsports-inspired elements and a newly modernized Porsche crest also help to create a “symbiosis of unmistakable motorsport DNA with a luxurious overall impression,” said Michael Mauer, Head of Style Porsche.

Photo courtesy of Porsche


Photo courtesy of Porsche


Mission X also has multiple cameras with manual record and, for whimsy, the ‘E’ in the Porsche logo pulsates while the car is charging.

Photo courtesy of Porsche

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