Frank Lloyd Wright’s Final Design, the Normal Lykes House in Phoenix

Schoelerman Group January 25, 2023


Frank Lloyd Wright’s Final Design, the Normal Lykes House in Phoenix
Back on the open market this winter is the Norman Lykes House, the last single-family residence Frank Lloyd Wright designed and one of the more remarkable homes in Phoenix. The house, which sits in a suitably dramatic desert corner of the Phoenix Mountains Preserve, is priced at $8.95 million.
A remarkably graceful — and, of course, very stylized — architectural expression, the Lykes house features an exterior dominated by circular forms and decorated with half-moon windows. A fairly high retaining wall, itself regularly inset with perfectly round portholes, converts the outdoor living area into a courtyard; a crescent-like pool is the centerpiece, although the effect overall is of a strikingly beautiful tableau suggesting a literate brand of leisure.
Inside, familiar Wright design tropes pop into view — earth tones, tile, masonry, and hardwood including mahogany, which Wright used often but respectfully — while the circular motif repeats itself everywhere. Highlights include the living room, which boasts a singular fireplace and a long, arcing window bench crowned by a like-minded ceiling extension, as well as the wood-heavy office, and the kitchen.
Inside and out, of course, the home fits its landscape beautifully, appearing to be both enhancement for it and integrated with it.

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