Guaranteed Rate Debuts 'Look It, List It' Program For Real Estate Agents

WRE News November 20, 2023


Guaranteed Rate Debuts 'Look It, List It' Program For Real Estate Agents

Guaranteed Rate is now offering “Lock it, List it,” a program designed to help real estate agents excel during a challenging home sales market.

According to the Chicago-based company, “Lock it, List it” provides real estate agents the opportunity to offer home sellers a way to secure a discounted mortgage rate for a prospective buyer so that they can sell more homes. As part of securing the property listing, the real estate agent works with the seller and a Guaranteed Rate loan officer to pay a fee and lock in the discounted rate for a buyer. This benefit allows the listing and marketing of the home to stand out compared to the competition giving the property a higher likelihood of selling.

“Lock it, List it” will also be available for high-balance mortgages, and buyers will be able to access Guaranteed Rate’s loan options and technology including the Same Day Mortgage program which provides full approval in less than one day.

“We want to offer real estate agents and their clients the opportunity to lock in a rate that they can market to their potential buyers. In an environment where rates can be volatile, this is a key selling point for a future buyer,” said Jeremy Collett, Guaranteed Rate’s executive vice president and head of capital markets. “One of the biggest hurdles impacting sellers and buyers is high-interest rates. With Guaranteed Rate’s exclusive new program, real estate agents can ensure that their buyers get a discounted market rate on their mortgage. Real estate agents will also have the ability to advertise the program and the lower ‘Lock it, List it’s rated to buyers at open homes and in their listings.”

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