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Life’s a Breeze With These Smart Fans

Mansion Global August 7, 2021


Life’s a Breeze With These Smart Fans

Got an aversion to air conditioning? Long for the sensation of a cool summer breeze? No worries—smart fan technology has come a long way. From voice control to automated temperature detection, high-tech fans can help you keep cool through the dog days of summer.

Below, some of our top picks for connected coolers.


Big Ass Fans

Built by a pioneer in the smart fan space, the i6 from Big Ass Fans pairs modern design with modern technology. This stylish, six-bladed ceiling fan comes with a host of smart features, including app control, voice control (via Alexa and Google Assistant), and the company’s SenseMe technology. The SenseMe tech enables the i6 to constantly monitor your home environment’s temperature and humidity, and to automatically activate and adjust fan speed to maintain your pre-determined preferred conditions.

The i6 comes in 60-, 72-, 84- and 96-inch diameter options, ranging from $1,430 to $2,430.

Smartmi Standing Fan 3



Like the wind itself, the portable Smartmi Standing Fan 3 offers freedom. Equipped with up to 20 hours of cordless battery life, this intelligent, oscillating standing fan can easily and endlessly be moved to the area of need. Smartmi designed the seven-bladed fan with a unique, dynamic sensory breeze algorithm that aims to reproduce natural wind’s frequency spectrum. The end result? The interiors of your home will feel like a spring day outdoors. The Standing Fan 3’s smarts don’t end with its wind algorithm. The fan can be controlled via app or voice control, allowing users to adjust oscillation angles, set timers, activate child locks and more.

The Smartmi Standing Fan 3 is available for $139.

Hunter Fans


Hunter Fans

Looking for a smart fan with a more classic style? Hunter Fans has options—and even more options. Equipped with the company’s SIMPLEconnect technology, Hunter Fans smart ceiling fans allow users to control their home’s fans by app, voice control, virtual assistants or even other smart-home devices, making it a breeze to turn fans on and off, set timers or pair coolers to work in conjunction with one another. And Hunter has no shortage of styles, from classic to contemporary, ensuring you’ll find the appropriate intelligent fan for your home.

Hunter Fans smart ceiling fans with SIMPLEconnect technology are available for $179 to $349, depending on style.


Ozeri Brezza III


Because you don’t always have room for ceiling or standing fan, there’s the Ozeri Brezza III. This clever desktop device, equipped with dual oscillating motors, offers four speeds of breeze-based coolness—all controllable via your smartphone thanks to Bluetooth technology. And the Brezza isn’t just smart—it’s quiet, engineered to have the lowest noise output in its class.

The Ozeri Brezza III is available for $56.

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