Most Gen Z Adults Prioritize Pets Over Family in Housing Needs

WRE News April 16, 2023


Most Gen Z Adults Prioritize Pets Over Family in Housing Needs

A new Zillow Group (NASDAQ: Z, ZG) survey published in conjunction with today’s National Pet Day found the majority of Gen Z adults are more concerned on their pets’ well-being within their home versus the needs of their human co-inhabitants.

The Gen Z demographic covers the ages of 18 to 26. The survey found three in five Gen Z adults (60%) considered certain pet-friendly features essential for any potential home purchase, with nearly half (48%) insisting on a fenced backyard as a must-have.

But when it comes to the other humans in the house, the priority is not as great. In comparison, only 28% of this youthful population believed a double sink in the primary bathroom was necessary and 35% believed a home office for their partner is essential. As for current and future children, the Gen Z adults weren’t thinking of them in their house hunting – only 24% felt a playroom and 11% thought an outdoor play set were essential in a home.

Indeed, more Gen Z pet owners emphasized the need for a pet-friendly home (55%) than a kid-friendly home (45%). And nearly one-quarter (22%) Gen Z pet owners said they would want to move out of their current home if it was no longer working for their pet, while only 12% were ready to leave if their home was no longer working for their partner.

“Young adults may be delaying parenthood, but they’re not putting off pet parenthood,” said Zillow’s home trends expert Amanda Pendleton. “One recent study finds most Gen Z adults would rather have a pet than a child. As this younger generation ages into their home-buying years, it follows that their pets will have a greater influence on their moving decisions, perhaps more so than their significant other.”

This survey was conducted online by The Harris Poll on behalf of Zillow from March 16-20; 2,066 U.S. adults ages 18 and older were surveyed, of whom 306 are Gen Z adults ages 18-26.

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