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Off-Grid Luxury: 5 Features Of Sustainable High-End Living

Inman August 31, 2023


Off-Grid Luxury: 5 Features Of Sustainable High-End Living

Sustainable living was once a novelty for luxury homebuyers, but increasingly, it’s becoming a necessity. While green architecture and design features, off-grid functionality, and a low carbon footprint may still be considered niche demands in the luxury market as a whole, they’re growing in popularity.

There are many reasons for this. From a practical perspective, living off-grid and reducing resource consumption — whether through high-efficiency appliances or water recycling systems — means homeowners save big on their utility bills.

From a global perspective, homeowners want to protect the environment and be good stewards of the planet. The effects of climate change are increasingly visible, and people have a vested interest in both mitigating their own impacts and ensuring long-term resilience for their properties and families. A sustainable home that’s energy-independent helps accomplish this.

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