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The Best Scent Diffusers for Your Smart Home

Jackie Schoelerman  |  March 13, 2021


The Best Scent Diffusers for Your Smart Home

Chances are that after a year largely indoors, you are eager for some change. While life can’t return to normal yet, you can add some variety to the environ where you spend most of your time with a diffuser—an air-scenting device with an array of aromas.

And like any device these days, there are some intelligent options. Here are our picks for the top smart air diffusers.

Pura Smart Device



Premium scents in a petite (and discreet) package. Pura may look like your average plug-in air freshener—but it is far more feature-filled. The Wi-Fi-equipped wall plug-in, which can fill up to a 1,000-square-foot space and offers fragrances from NEST, Capri BLUE, and Apotheke, among others, allows users to schedule scents for their home—or call them forth on demand—from anywhere in the world via the accompanying Pura app. The app also allows owners to easily adjust scent strength and order refills. The device’s geo-fencing, meanwhile, allows it to recognize when you have left home—or returned—and adjust scenting accordingly to prevent wasted fragrance.

The Pura Smart Device is available for $44.


Aera Diffuser



Smarts meet style in the Aera Diffuser. This sleek, tabletop air diffuser, which provides 800 hours of scenting between refills, presents owners with options galore. In addition to offering high-quality fragrance and essential-oil blends, uniquely tailored for specific moods or times of day, the Aera Diffuser also allows users a variety of control options for their device. Aera owners can schedule scents, monitor fragrance life or adjustscent strength over the Wi-Fi-enabled device via the Aera app, or by using voice commands on Alexa-compatible products.

The Aera Diffuser is available for $200.


Moodo Smart Aroma Diffuser



If you want your diffuser to bring the tech aesthetic along with the tech features, then Moodo is a solid choice for home scenting. Looking something like a portable speaker, the Moodo is a four-capsule diffuser capable of scenting 600 square feet of space with each capsule offering 60 uninterrupted hours of fragrance. Moodo’s multi-capsule system allows users to mix and match fragrances as they please, and Moodo’s harmonized “Scent Families” mean you’ll never run the risk of concocting something unpleasant when trying out new smell combinations. Wi-Fi connectivity and an accompanying app allow Moodo owners to control their device from anywhere in the world, order room scenting on demand or pair the device with other smart home automations like turning on the lights. Moodo is also compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri, allowing for voice control through your preferred tech ecosystem.

The Moodo Smart Aroma Diffuser is available for $99.


AromaTech Aromini BT



Built by a leading name in the residential and commercial scenting space, the Aromini BT by AromaTech is a high-tech, high-end solution for introducing fragrances to your home. Looking a little like a votive candle, the whisper-quiet Aromini offers 24/7 coverage and is capable of scenting 100 to 1,000 square feet of space. Furthermore, the Aromini functions with AromaTech’s industry-leading—and diverse—line of high-quality essential oils. The Aromini’s Bluetooth compatibility allows users to control the portable device’s scenting intensity and to schedule diffusing times quickly and easily from their smartphones.

The Aromini BT is available for $349.

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