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The Best Unique Father’s Day Gifts That Your Dad Will Love

MyDomaine June 18, 2021


The Best Unique Father’s Day Gifts That Your Dad Will Love

Father’s Day is right around the corner, and if giving your dad a stack of scratch tickets or a leather wallet feels a little played out, these out-of-the-box ideas can help spark some creativity in your gift giving. Whether your dad is the outdoorsy adventurous type, or more of a sipping craft cocktails with his pinky up kind of guy, you’ll find something here that he’ll love.

From self-sanitizing water bottles to truffle-infused hot sauce, these are the best unique Father’s Day gift ideas.


LARQ Self-Cleaning and Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Featured on Shark Tank, this self-sanitizing water bottle from LARQ puts clean water in your dad’s hand wherever he goes. It has a UV-C LED purification system that uses light to clean 99.999 percent of bacteria in only one minute. It automatically kicks in six times per day, or you can press the button on top to control the purification manually.

If your dad is the adventurous type and needs to drink less-than-sanitary water on the go, there’s also an “Adventure Mode” that provides a deeper purification. Oh yeah—and it’s made from a double wall vacuum insulation so it can keep Dad’s drinks cold for 24 hours, or hot for 12.

Made by Mouth Small Batch Liquidity

If your dad is a cocktail connoisseur—or he thinks he’s one—this curated cocktail mixer box is the perfect gift to help welcome summer. The kit features four small batch, handcrafted cocktail mixers—Pomegranate Mule Cocktail Mixer, Smoked Tea Vanilla Cocktail Syrup, Charred Grapefruit Tonic, and Strawberry Manhattan Cocktail Mixer—that are made with minimal, high-quality ingredients like pomegranate juice, grapefruit juice, organic Darjeeling tea, cold-pressed ginger, and organic cane sugar. All Dad needs to do is add the booze (and ice, unless he prefers it neat).

You can purchase it as is or upgrade with the “make it a Father’s Day gift” option, which includes beer pretzel nuggets, scotch caramels, and buttermilk chips.

FLIKR Fire Personal Concrete Fireplace

If your dad is kinda the outdoorsy type, but doesn’t like to get his hands dirty stacking logs in the fire pit, this Personal Concrete Fireplace from FLIKR Fire is the solution he needs. The portable fireplace runs off isopropyl alcohol—just five ounces in the cavity will give you 50 minutes of flame—and it burns clean, without creating soot or ashes.

The cement material will never overheat or crumble and it’s suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, so Dad can take it outside on the patio or relax on a Sunday while watching a football game. If there are young kids or grandkids around, it’s also food-safe so he can roast marshmallows over the open flame for s’mores.

Theragun Elite Percussive Therapy Massager

Muscle tension and soreness are par for the course when it comes to dadhood. Show Dad you’re sorry for being one of the biggest sources of stress in his life with this Elite Percussive Therapy Massager from Theragun. Like other massage guns, this one uses percussive therapy to relieve soreness and pain and improve recovery, but thanks to Bluetooth connectivity and the ability to connect to the Theragun app, it’s a step above the rest.

It has five built-in speeds that can be remotely controlled through the app, which also makes real-time recommendations based on usage to help encourage natural pain relief and improve muscle strength. It comes with five attachments for different areas of the body, so no matter where your dad is hurting, he’ll be able to find some relief.


Brevite The Daily Backpack

Whether your dad likes to travel or needs a reliable laptop backpack for work (or he does a little bit of both), The Daily Backpack from Brevite has all of the bases covered. Although it’s compact and lightweight, it still has enough room to fit clothes and accessories in the main compartment, plus a laptop sleeve that’s big enough to fit a 16-inch MacBook. It also has dedicated places to put charging cables, a water bottle, and a passport. And it comes in three classic colors—black, deep blue, and pine green—so no matter Dad’s personal style, there’s one that will fit his look.


Williams Sonoma Adjustable Non-Stick Burger Press

If Dad likes to man the grill and make his own burgers from scratch, this Adjustable Non-Stick Burger Press from Williams Sonoma can help form custom patties in seconds. The cast iron aluminum press molds each patty into a perfectly uniform shape and thickness so that each burger cooks to perfection. You can adjust the patty from one-half to one-and-a-half inches thick with guidance from the markings on the handle, so Dad can make thinner, stackable patties for double burgers, or extra-thick patties for when you’re really hungry.


Baloo Weighted Blanket

Your dad may not always admit that he could use some stress relief, but if he’s living in the 21st century (especially after the year we just had), he could probably use this weighted blanket from Baloo. It has a minimalist design, with double-quilted stitching that keeps the weighted beads evenly spaced out for balanced pressure, and it’s easy to care for—Dad can put it right in the washing machine.

The blanket comes in three sizes—12, 15, and 20 pounds—so you can choose the one that works best. Tip: A weighted blanket should be about 10 percent of body weight, so if your dad weighs 150 pounds, the 15-pound blanket is best. If he’s closer to 200 pounds, opt for 20 pounds.


If your dad likes to turn up the heat, this trio from TRUFF gives him three mouth-watering opportunities to do it. Combining the umami flavor of truffles with the heat and kick of red chilies and vinegar, this combo of truffle-infused hot sauces is the perfect way to add some adventure to Dad’s meals.

The box includes three of TRUFF’s hot sauces—the black Truffle hot and hotter sauces, and the more decadent white Truffle-infused hot sauce. Plus, they’re beautifully presented in a black gift box and truffle-inspired bottles that are as eye-catching as they are delicious.


The YETI Hopper Soft Cooler is a convenient way for your dad to take insulation on the go. Perfect for fishing, camping, tailgating, road trips, beach days, or just about anything really, this durable, soft-sided cooler is designed to fit 20 regular-sized cans. It has a thick layer of closed-cell rubber foam that offers superior cooling, and welded seams that keep the cold in and protect against leakage. Plus it’s easy to bring on the road: Dad can carry the cooler from the top handle, or use the backpack straps to throw it over his shoulders for more strenuous outings, like hiking.

Williams Sonoma Rabbit Freezable Beer Glasses, Set of 2

These Freezable Beer Glasses from Rabbit keep Dad’s beer cold for at least two hours, thanks to the double-walled borosilicate glass that’s filled with a food-safe, freezable liquid. Just pop them in the freezer an hour before you’re ready to imbibe and they’ll be good to go. The beverage chills almost instantly, even on hot summer days by the pool. The black silicone base protects your hand from the cold and doubles as a built-in coaster to protect tabletops from condensation and water rings. If your dad prefers a cocktail over a beer, you can opt for this set of whiskey glasses instead of the 12-ounce beer glasses.

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