This is how we helped our client sell her condo

Jackie Schoelerman  |  September 4, 2021


This is how we helped our client sell her condo

1765 E Bayshore Rd Unit 227 in East Palo Alto is now SOLD!

A few years back we helped our repeat client buy this natural light-filled condo in the Ravenswood shopping district.

When she bought it, it was a brand new development surrounded by coffee shops, restaurants, and stores.

Congratulations to our client not only on the sale of her condo but on her upcoming wedding and move to the East Coast. It is a special privilege to work with past clients and we are thrilled to have found a wonderful buyer to enjoy this
beautiful home.

If you are thinking of selling and are unsure of where to start, I can guide you through the journey. All I need is your destination and I will be your GPS to get you there.

DM me “GPS” to schedule a 15-minute strategy.

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